Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Little Shop of Horrors


Thurston came back into town last Thursday to take me to have a couple pesky wisdom teeth removed. Christmas is the worst time to have any dental problems because like everyone else, dentists like a little time off over the holiday season. Well, over Christmas I got a nasty little infection in my gum because my bottom right wisdom tooth decided that it was going to keep fighting it's way in, even though there was no room. Which resulted in a lot of painkillers and very little Christmas cheer. When I finally got in to see a dentist after Christmas, they said what I already suspected; I needed to have the bottom & top right wisdom teeth ripped out of my gums. 

The only plus side to having dental surgery is that Thurston came home to take care of me. I have good friends here who offered to take me to the appointment & I'm thankful that I stood my ground on having Thursty come home. Originally my fear was that I would say something incredibly embarrassing like the endless viral videos of random girl after dentist. But in actual reality, I was an absolute needy cow & only my husband can or should be forced to put up with me. Thurston, who is not usually the most patient man when it comes to my wild and theatrical departures from reality, was actually super patient & caring whilst I was looped out. And took such good care of me, making sure I took my medications, made me some ice packs & gave me all the mashed potatoes and ice cream I could stomach. 

Having teeth pulled is no joke and I'm so glad they only needed to take two. Regardless, it let me know, no matter how much of a tough chick I think I am, when the numbing drugs wore off I was a baby over the pain. Though, really that's Thurston's fault for not getting more drugs into me ahead of time. Still, I'll forgive him. The swelling was ridiculous, my fault for not having the ice packs made ahead of time and on standby. No lie, I looked like Kayne West when his jaw was wired shut. Think I said that a couple times whilst looped out on the medicines. And I'm glad that my face has pretty much returned to is regular shape now, which is still round but due to cupcakes and not swollen gums. 

Thurston left a couple days after the procedure, when I was mostly back to my usual self. Which meant I was able to make a dozen cupcakes but unable to open my mouth wide enough to eat one properly. Which might just be the ultimate form of torture. He'll be working out of town for as long as this job needs him to but it's not any town interesting enough that I'd consider moving. Guess it's a good thing we're old pros at this long distance thing because we're probably going to be doing it for the foreseeable future. Or at least until his job sends him somewhere I'd consider living. I'm forever hoping one day Washington State will call and we'll have to move out to Seattle. Or at least a short drive away. But I'd be open to a few other states, as long as I'm close to the water. Living in Alabama has shown me just how much I enjoy being near the water & I've yet to dip my toe in the Pacific Ocean. 

Until Next Time xx

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